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Packaging transparente.

The wide range of products in their different forms (cylindrical, oval, conical), sizes, with different types of closure, in different types of materials (pvc, pet, polypropylene) and printed in offset, serigraphy, flexography and heat stamping, allow to adapt these containers to the exclusive needs of each client.

Our Products

  • Casado Envaplast Botes Transparente Productos Expositores
  • Casado Envaplast Botes Cilindricos Tapa Metalica Transparentes
  • Casado Envaplast Envases Botes Packaging Transparente Espana Madrid Barcelona
  • Casado Envaplast Envases Packaging Transparente Alta Calidad

Cylindrical Packaging


The cylindrical tubes, due to their shape, are magnificent exhibitors for your products, their curvature allows image effects that enhance the articles they contain.

Their great capacity, resistance and easy handling allow to pack a large number of products from very different sectors.

  • Casado Envaplast Botes Conicos Apilables Para Alimentacion Alimentos Comida

Conical Packaging


Conical containers are space-savers. Because they can be packed one inside another, they offer important savings both in transport and in storage space.

  • Casado Envaplast Botes Cilindricos Tapa Metalica Transparentes
  • Casado Envaplast Envases Packaging Transparente Alta Calidad

Metallic Packaging


These new containers with metal fasteners, made in PVC-PET-polypropylene, together with printed surfaces, are high in quality, attractive and strong.

  • Casado Envaplast Packaging Transparente Biodegradable Pasteleria Alimentacion Cosmetica
  • Casado Envaplast Envases Packaging Transparente Para Bebidas Alcoholicas
  • Casado Envaplast Cajas Transparentes Plastico Alimentacion Farmaceutica
  • Casado Envaplast Cajas Transparentes Para Pasteleria Baratas
  • Casado Envaplast Cajas Transparentes Para Alimentos
  • Casado Envaplast Cajas Termoformadas Para Cosmetica Perfumes
  • Casado Envaplast Botes Y Cajas De Platico Para Cosmetica
  • Casado Envaplast Botesycajas  De Plastico Reciclado
  • Casado Envaplast Cajas Envases Packaging Transparente Para Expositores Producto
  • Casado Envaplast Cajas Envases Packaging Transparente Para Pasteleria Alimentacion
  • Casado Envaplast Cajas Para Perfumes Transparentes Plastico
  • Casado Envaplast Cajas Para Chuches Alimentacion Con Dispensador Transparentes
  • Casado Envaplast Cajas Plastico Transparentes Para Cosmetica
  • Casado Envaplast Cajas Plegables.transparentes Para Bombones Envases Plastico
  • Casado Envaplast Botes Plastico Transparente Para Alimentacion
  • Casado Envaplast Botes Envases Cajas Para Alimentacion Plegables Ovalados

Transparent Boxes


Containers with compact lids and bases, whether totally transparent or with a card base, and with inside supports that may be thermoformed or made from card, offer high-quality packaging for a wide variety of products.

  • Casado Envaplast Chocolates Valor Envases Botes Transparentes Alta Calidad
  • Casado Envaplast Envases Transparentes Para Alimentacion Bombones Chocolates Valor
  • Casado Envaplast Packaging Transparente Para Bombones Chocolates Comida Cosmetica Flores
  • Casado Envaplast Packaging Botes Ovalados Transparentes

Oval Packaging


Oval containers, whose shape gives them a wide front surface, in combination with the high quality of our printing, produce a truly dynamic effect on the sales of products packaged in them.



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